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10 Most Popular Dishes of New Zealand Cuisine

New Zealand is known for its unique dishes due to geographical location and Maori influence. In this article you will get an overview of different types of New Zealand food.


A traditional Maori method of cooking. It frequently involves cooking meats, vegetables, and even seafood in an earth oven. Maori people speak of land as 'giving food', therefore it is a tradition to cook in an earthen pit. The most popular translation of the term "hangi" is "to create," or "to make something."

It's not just a method of cooking; it also has cultural importance in Maori communities. It is frequently utilized for important events, get-togethers, and holidays.

The practice of hangi reflects the connection between people, the land, and their ancestors.

Pavlova Cake

Possibly New Zealand or Australia is where pavlova first appeared. Its precise origins are a point of contention between the two nations. This dish is a delicate and aesthetically pleasing meringue-based cake. It is crunchy on the exterior and soft on the inside, and it is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Usually, it has whipped cream and a variety of fresh fruits on top. It's often enjoyed during festive occasions and celebrations.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a cherished and classic dish. It was first popularized in the United Kingdom but has since spread to many other nations, including New Zealand. It consists of deep-fried fish fillets, usually cod or haddock. The fish fillets are coated in a seasoned batter made from a combination of flour, water, or beer. They are deep-fried, together with French fries, till they turn golden and crunchy. The dish is often accompanied by condiments like tartar sauce, ketchup, or malt vinegar.

Māori Boil-Up

The Maori Boil-Up is a traditional New Zealand meal that honors the Maori people's culinary heritage. It's a substantial stew made in one pot that often includes a variety of meats, veggies, and occasionally dumplings. This dish is a favorite for parties and special occasions because of its reputation for being healthy and soothing.

Kiwi Burger

The Kiwi burger is a special kind of hamburger made with unusual components that are frequently seen in New Zealand. Typically, it is topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and occasionally an egg or beetroot. The term "Kiwi" in this context refers to both the people of New Zealand and the country's national bird, rather than the fruit.

Whitebait Fritters

Whitebait, a small fish type, is mixed with eggs and herbs and then pan-fried to form a savory and delicate fritter. Whitebait fritters are a traditional New Zealand meal. Whitebait, which are the translucent young versions of some fish species, are prized in New Zealand. The dish is often enjoyed as a snack, appetizer, or light meal, showcasing the unique flavors of this small seafood.

Due to the seasonality and limited availability of whitebait, this meal is especially loved during the whitebait fishing season. It typically lasts between September and November.

Bluff Oysters

In New Zealand, bluff oysters are a highly appreciated and sought-after delicacy. They come from the southern waters of New Zealand, notably from the area close to Bluff. Bluff is a town at the southernmost tip of the South Island. Bluff oysters are a particular variety of oyster recognized for their flavorful richness, heft, and distinct sea flavors.

The peak months for the Bluff oyster season are April and May, and the season normally lasts from March through August.

Lolly Cake

Lolly cake is a popular New Zealand dessert that's beloved by both children and adults. The main ingredients for lolly cake include crushed plain biscuits, a variety of colorful confectionery or lollies (candies), and sweetened condensed milk.


Pāua is a type of shellfish that holds cultural and culinary significance in New Zealand. Also known as abalone in other parts of the world, pāua is found in the coastal waters of New Zealand and is recognized for its vibrant and iridescent shell. Pāua meat is considered a delicacy and is commonly used in traditional Māori cuisine and modern New Zealand dishes.

Hāngī Pie

A savory pie filled with ingredients similar to those cooked in a traditional hangi, often including chicken, pork, and vegetables.


Overall, New Zealand cuisine is a fusion of various culinary influences, reflecting the country's multicultural heritage, indigenous Maori traditions, and access to high-quality ingredients from land and sea.

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31 авг. 2023 г.

We are always interested in food!


Oh wow!!! Very interesting! I new only two of NZ dishes. Pavlova and Fish and chips. I did not know about very specific Maori dishes. Thank you very much for letting me know more about it.

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