Auckland Wharf: Yachts and Markets

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Auckland Wharf is a place of many restaurants, a fish market, playgrounds, trees and benches, yachts, sea, seagulls and many more. It's a place of ports and recreational facilities, both an industrial and public place. It's home to Silo park, Fish market and Wharf. Enjoy the history of the place while reading through the article lines. Waterfront is a good family place where you can sit and relax in the park.

Auckland Wharf
Auckland Wharf

Silo Park - The Wynyard Quarter

The first thing to view here is the silo park. Silo park features a playground, a basketball court and a Wind Tree sculpture with a pond, water play area and 7.5m slide. It is also a hub of many events such as festivals, markets, outdoor movies and more.

Silo park is named after silos, big water containers from a former industrial site:

Six silos
Six silos

The cluster consists of six silos plus one tall Silo 7, standing at 35m. These silos were used to store cement with rail lines allowing for easy transport. Today, The first six silos make up an art and exhibition space and the 7th silo comes to life at night when a cinema is projected onto its walls.

A sculpture - Wind Tree 1972, Michio Ihara Auckland Council Art Collection:

Wind Tree 1972
Wind Tree 1972

Basketball Area. Kids of all ages are welcome:

Basketball Area
Basketball Area

Playground and Festival market:

Since the Europeans migration to Auckland, the port has been the main priority for growth. From 1840 the shoreline has been firmly rebuilt into wharves.

Fish Market - North Wharf

On Auckland's Waterfront resides the Auckland Fish market. At fish market you can find stalls selling fresh fish and counters where you can buy prepared food. From Snapper and John Dori fish to mussels and oysters, here you can buy a variety of seafood.

The fish market was started in 1904 by Albert Sanford, and has been main source of seafood for over 100 years. It has become an international standard, serving food of local quality. There are 100's of fish species and dishes in stock.

The Auckland Fish Market is managed by Sanford. The remarkable quote "Respect the ocean. Care for the ocean. Share the ocean", used by Sandford, highlights sustainability in the way the market personnel goes fishing.

The market features a variety of types of food on offer. The food available consists of Fresh Seafood, Asian, Eastern, Western, Healthy Maori and Polynesian dishes. Traditional Kiwi flavors, South American and New Zealand's hues, the food here deserves a try.

The Rest of Wynyard Quarter

Auckland city wharf is becoming increasingly open to recreational public use. Here there is a walkway along the wharf with view onto the sea, main wharf building, yacht bridge, yachts, maritime museum and more.

View over the Wynyard Quarter to the Viaduct
View over the Wynyard Quarter to the Viaduct

Main walk of the wharf, restaurants and café zone on the left, a big yacht port in the middle and yacht parking slots on the right.

AC50 Wingsail Catamaran used in 2017 America's cup yacht race between Team New Zealand, Aotearoa and Oracle team USA.

Catamaran boat
Catamaran boat

A newer version of a racing boat used by New Zealand in America's cup 2021. It was a race between Emirates Team New Zealand, Te Rehutai and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, Luna Rossa (Italy). Team New Zealand won with a leading score 7-3, 7 to New Zealand.

Racing boat
Racing boat

Final Thought

The Auckland Wharf is full of tourist attractions. Here you find many exhibits, art work, events, festivals and what not. The Auckland Fish Market is famous for the diversity of food it offers. The adventure doesn't end here, you are more than welcome to explore the area in much greater detail yourself.

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