Green Bay Beach: The Manukau Domain Path

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Green Bay is an Auckland suburb in south-west from the city center. The Manukau Domain Path starts at Halsey Drive and walks through the grass to the 'Opened Stone' sculpture. The red granite sculpture is inspired by traditional Shinto shrines:

Opened Stone Sculpture
Opened Stone Sculpture

The sculpture is part of the International Sculpture Symposium.

Green Bay Beach is an area in south-western Auckland in between Green Bay and Blockhouse Bay. It is part of the Karaka Park coastal walk. It is a rather small beach with steep walking pathways leading to it from two sides. Despite the beach being small and humble, there were great views from the clifftops while travelling down to it.

Walking downhill was both easy and awkward, the space between the stairs was quite large, almost one step long. While walking downhill we met some dog walkers and others heading off the beach.

In times before European colonization, the beach served as an end of a portage between Waitemata and Manukau harbours via the Whau River. There was a Maori pa at Motukaraka (Karaka Park). The area was called Karaka Bay at that time but was renamed later to avoid confusion with other names starting with Karaka.

It is said that during lowest tides the water stays low enough that one can walk from green bay beach to the Puketutu Island in Mangarere over the water/mud. Due to its location, there are sometimes airplanes seen flying away from international and domestic airport in Mangarere.

BBQ on the beach

Despite the beach being too small, it is a good place for a BBQ as there is a grill surrounded by fence, 2 bathrooms and a few benches with a table to sit on. You can enjoy a restful picnic here, see the great views towards the Manukau Heads and walk around the rocks when the tide is low.

During low tide, the land is exposed and you are able to see many shellfish attached to the rocky bottom of the sea. When walking over them, and you will hear a sharp sound as something is cracking below your feet.

The overall view of the beach:

The way back is towards the stairs through the bush, a little steep. The loop takes you back to the footpaths of Sylvania Crescent and Halsey Drive.

The Manukay Domain Path is a local scenic walkway. There are many panoramic views over to the harbour and the shore.

If you wish to explore the area a little bit further, you can go to the Sylvania Esplanade Reserve to the south of Green Bay beach or go back to the Manukau domain "Opened Stone" to relax, play some sports or walk a dog.

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