Guide to Choosing a Drinking Bottle

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

New Zealand is notable for hot summers. With the Sun burning the skin and leaving a tint, you need to use sunscreen. You also need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

The former is easy, you need to buy sunscreen and not forget to apply it and bring it with you wherever you go. The latter is more difficult. The choice of drinking bottles varies depending on your needs and your feeling.

Bottles for Gym lovers

For all gym lovers who exercise a lot, choosing a drinking bottle is not an easy task. There are Kathmandu plastic bottles that you can use for storing the water. At the gym, while you are training keep sipping small amounts of water to stay hydrated. Use the water outlets at the gym to replenish your bottle with water.

It was easy to decide on the material of the bottle. The further task to do is to choose the type, shape, design, and other features of your water bottle. Design can be as simple as a white or blue-colored bottle with manufacturer's logos printed on it and a black top cap:

Now the question comes to the shape and whether you need a handle or a mouth opener at the top. I dislike mouth openers. The rate at which the water pours from the mouth opener is often not enough so I prefer open lids instead.

A bottle with lid opener on top

These kinds of plastic bottles provide enough functionality. They are handy at the gym. They are also useful when exercising and jogging. So keep it with you while you are outside your house.

Bottles for Camping and Severe Weather Conditions

Now comes the question. What if you go camping and severe weather conditions occur such as rain, cold, and wind?

Now you want to store hot drinks such as tea or coffee in the bottle instead. It's necessary to consider what material to choose your bottle to be made out of. Plastic bottles are not an option since they will not be able to hold heat for long times. Instead, there are two other options: thermos bottles and thermos flasks.

There are different types of things you can do with a thermos flask compared to a thermos bottle. A thermos flask is a narrow-necked vessel of metal or glass, used for various purposes. As a sheet metal, it is used to carry gunpowder in. As a wrought iron it is used to contain quicksilver. As a glass it is used to heat water in. Glass water bottles are especially effective in preserving the heat inside the bottle.

Thermos Flask
Thermos Flask

A thermos is a vacuum flask or bottle which can keep liquids at the desired temperature.


Either one is good for keeping your drink hot. With thermos, yet, there are two caveats: the inner side of the thermos can be made either out of metal or out of glass.

The difference is simple: bottles with metal inside will be more durable. It will withstand cases when the bottle drops from height or bumps into something hard. The glass bottle won't be so firm so there is a chance of cracks forming inside of the bottle. Yet, the glass bottle will be much lighter and will hold heat for much longer than metal does.

I prefer a glass thermos around 600ml with a handle. I can put hot tea into it and that will last till I consume it whole without worrying that it will get cold. I use the top cap of a thermos as a cup. The handle helps pour the liquid into it.

Price Ranges

A simple 600ml plastic bottle can cost up to $21. Thermos and flasks may cost from $15 - 710ml without vacuum insulation and up to $70 - 2 Liter with vacuum insulation. For example, Kathmandu Stainless Steel Thermos 1.8L costs $55. Kathmandu Vacuum Flask 1.5 Liter costs $48.

Other Bottle Drinking Matters to Consider

The selection of bottles not only consists of deciding on material and design. It also includes the usability of a bottle. There are food bottles where you can store fruit and vegetable smoothies or hot soup. There are plastic water bottles that cannot always be recycled. According to InfoBloom, not all bottles are made of disposable plastic.

There are also stainless steel water bottles that last for ages. They do not suffer from material degradation. There are also insulated bottles that better preserve heat inside the bottle.

The health matters to consider involve staying hydrated and drinking enough water. According to the ministry of health, these two recommendations are a must for good health. The recommendation for maintaining a healthy body temperature is to drink enough water.


Now that the task of choosing your drinking bottle has been covered, it's time to get outside and buy a water bottle. You can then start hydrating yourself. Whether it's by drinking water, tea, fruit juice, or a sports drink.

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