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Hobsonville Point: The Pier

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hobsonville area comprises three distinct locations: Hobsonville point walkway, Catalina Bay and Catalina Bay Farmers market. When you arrive at Hobsonville point you are greeted with nice architecture.

Catalina bay walkway. The waters are inhibited by snails, worms, shellfish, cockles, pipi and whelks. The breathing roots of the mangroves support algae, oyster barnacles, mussels, crabs and small crustaceans, barnacle, snapping shrimp, sea lice, Pacific oysters, bristle worm, amphipods and other worms in the estuaries of this area. The waters are full with an abundant population of creatures where each creature supports the life cycle of another,

Further into Catalina Bay is a pier with photos of Catalina bay background:

pier with view onto Catalina Bay

Here on the pier there are information brochures about different sea life inhabitant at Catalina Bay.

sealice information box

Sealice is a common insect encountered in the sea. What is most astonishing is that once in New Zealand there was time when sealice would bite any visitior to some of the beaches leaving itching spots on the body.

These sealice are peculiar as they inhibit waters and sometimes bite visitors causeing itching rash on sceen. Once on Browns bay waters, threre was a case where we went into the sea but several minutes latter discovered red spots everywhere on various body parts, which caused itching, "There have also been three or four alerts on sea lice on the east coast in recent weeks". More info here.

Fish species included in Hobsonville waters include yellow-eyed mullet, dab flounder, yellow-bellied flounder, whitebait, snapper, smoothhound, jack mackerel, kahawai, grey mullet and school shark. Information taken from the broshure on the Catalina Bay pier.

A play ground and a training facility:

Views onto Motorway #16

Nice wooden construction covering rocky side of the walkway.

wooden construction

End of the Catalina Bay walk

Grass and trees

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