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Lemington Reserve Harbour

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

The path has several entrance points: Westmere Park Avenue, Weona Place, Lemington Road, Westmere Crescent. This time, the entrance was at the Lemington reserve harbour on the left side of Meola Road as you travel up North-East.

Reserve entrance

walkway map

The Lemington Reserve Harbour runs along Western Springs Creek estuary. Since reserve is also a garden area, you'll see trees such as pōhutukawa, nīkau, kowhai and cabbage trees and hear birdsong as you pass through mangroves. Through Jaggers bush (to the right of Seddon Fields on map) you can go straight up to Old Mill Road.

The southern part of the walkway has a boardwalk which runs beside the Western Springs Creek through the mangroves, which is a nice walk at high tide.

You must pass through the bush before you get to see the main road of the walkway.

bridge over the water

The main walkway is a bridge walk over the water, across the reserve. It's an easy walk that provides great views to the wider Waitemata Harbour, Meola Reef Reserve (Te Tokoroa) and the Pt Chevalier Peninsula.

You will see part of orange boat attached to the bridge by a rope in the lower right corner. My thought would be to use the boat in case of emergency.

The water surface is so clean and plain.

A forsaken boat and a boat in the distance:

petrels on a tree

The birds on the next picture are called northern diving petrels. The common diving petrel is an abundant small seabird of exposed coastal waters around New Zealand. Diving petrels are well named – they have remarkable diving ability for their size. They can dive up to 22 meters deep! More info at,Campbell%20Island%20and%20east%20to%20the%20Chatham%20Islands.

A small information box about the habitat, a sunken boat and a yacht, which is still standing:

Local grass resembling a seaweed.

seaweed grass

At the end of the walk one is greeted with a lot of houses with gardens where plants and other flowers grow!

plants and flowers

It's an easy walk that exposes great views to the waters of the wider Waitemata Harbour, Meola Reef Reserve and the Pt Chevalier Peninsula.

The walkway is made up of a mix of gravel, concrete and dirt roads.

Access between Westmere Park and the Westmere Park Avenue connection is at low tide only. It is often wet as it's in an inter-tidal zone.

There is no cycling lanes and dogs must be on leash at all times.

That concludes our walk over Lemington reserve! For more Information refer to the Weona-Westmere Path – short walks in Auckland (

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