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Mission Bay Beach: Walks

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Mission Bay is a seaside suburb on the east of Auckland city. The Mission Bay beach is a popular resort. It is a good place for swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, and going to a café. There are lots of restaurants and bars, a wide range of eateries, playgrounds and training facilities. Mission Bay beach is located to the east of city center in Mission Bay area.

Mission Bay is named after Melanesian Mission, which was installed by the Anglican Bishop George Augustus Selwyn at the bay at the end of the 1840s. There was a St Andrew's College school that was set up to bring Christian education to Melanesian boys. The stone buildings date from 1858 and are built of scoria rock that was quarried from Rangitoto volcanic island.

The beach features a view onto Rangitoto volcano island:

The beach is empty in May (as it is cold):

Mission Bay Beach

walkway onto kohimarama beach

There is a walkway beyond mission bay beach onto kohimarama beach. The walk is separated into two lanes: one for pedestrians (on left) and one for cyclists (on right). There are marks on the walk to indicate who can go along that lane:

rocks on low tide

Going back from kohimarama beach to mission bay beach. Part of rocks are exposed due to low tide.

seaweed on low tide

The wind was so strong that it pushed the water away from the beach, exposing underlying sand and seaweed,

The most common landmarks here in Mission Bay are Bastion Point on the northern end of the Mission Bay, which had strategic meaning for Maori and Pakeha (Kiwis). It served as a defensive structure of Maori settlements.

The Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain is the center of the Mission Bay Reserve. Trevor Moss Davis was a director of one of the Auckland liquor companies who died of a heart attack at the age of 45. The memorial fountain at Mission Bay is a gift from the Trevor's father Eliot Davis for the sake of keeping the memory of his son alive.. .

Fountain area in Mission Bay, grass field where people can make picnics and BBQ and training facilities (horizontal bars, bench crunches)

Mission Bay is full of restaurants and smaller shops. The waterfront Mission Bay has about 44 retailers. The upper side of the Mission Bay suburb has 32 stores including a New World supermarket.

Here is one restaurant and bar behind the tree and a playground is just before a carpark.

Achilles Point

Achilles point is a rocky point on the edge of the eastern end of the Ladies Bay beach. It takes its name after a ship called HMNZS Achilles which defeated the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee in 1939.

Achilles Point, good view exposed onto the sea and over the city center after traveling a bit further from mission bay up to the Ladies Bay area.

Maori Totems

Maori totems. They are named Horoiwi, Taikehu, and Hotu-roa. In Maori methodology, Taikehu was a chief of the Arawa canoe. He commanded the shore party of exploration in landing, and settled at Tauranga. Hotu-roa, the commander of the Tainui canoe in the Migration, according to one version. He brought the variety of kumara (sweet potato) called anurangi. Horoiwi arrived in New Zealand on the Tainui canoe (waka) with Hotu-roa.

The peak is several meters above the beach. The Ladies Bay is a secluded beach just at the bottom of steep cliffs. Both Ladies Bay and the more secluded Gentleman's Bay nearby are unofficially nudist places.

Ladies' beach

The view over Waiheke Island, Motuihe Island, Browns island and Rangitoto.

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