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Muriwai Beach Walks

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Muriwai is famous for its volcanic sand beach which gets very hot in summer and medium-cold in winter. It is home to the seagull colony with many of the seagulls populating rocky mountains of the beach. It is also one of the best places with premium-grade panoramic views.

Muriwai beach with horizon line lying far ahead

One of the most popular activities here is beach walking. As you walk along the beach, it seems endless - the beach appears to merge with the sky on the horizon line. After a short walk, the volcanic sand disappears and the beach looks like the ordinary one.

This experience of walking on the sand between the ocean and the hills makes you feel fascinated by the enormousness of the beach shores. After about 20 minutes of walking along the beach, we had to turn our way back. It seemed as if we didn't walk as much - the mountain range of Muriwai lied much closer to us than what we expected.

Muriwai beach during low tide

The waves this time were quiet and not so strong. There was beautiful weather, with a clear sky, warm and sunny. The tide seemed to be low although some waves still reached out deep inside the shore.

One swimmer went along the Muriwai waves on their boat. A few couples walked their dogs along the beach coast where we were located.

Muriwai Groto

Another popular activity here is bird watching. Here is the Muriwai grotto, a lovely tourist site, often enjoyed by fishermen. The waters of Muriwai are inhabited by snapper, kahawai, stingray, trevally, gurnard, kingfish. All of them are a good target for fishermen. Read here for more fisherman experience.

Gannets nest

The Gannets nest has a large colony on the rocks make. It is a popular place for tourists. Gannet is a sea bird that is part of the genus Morus, in the family Sulidae, related to boobies.

Finally, the sightseeing point with the seagull colony cliff sitting below us. Beautiful view of the sea plus a patterned art drawn on the sand by a local Kiwi. All combine to form the panoramic view of the cliff.

Muriwai Cliff Sightseeing

Being a popular recreational area in Auckland, Muriwai is loved by sea-lovers and explorers. Surfing, paragliding, and hang gliding are popular activities in the area. This is especially true at times of strong southwestern wind. It provides favorable conditions and brings big waves. At last, Muriwai offers great walks and peaceful marine life. It is not far from the city - around a 30 to 40-minute drive from Auckland suburbs.

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Ничего себе рыба какая водится на Муривай! Роскошный snapper🤩


Jul 04, 2021

Какой красивый литературный язык! Прям приятно читать!

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