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Point Chevalier Beach and Coyle Park

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Point Chevalier Beach is located to the west of Auckland CBD. Point chevalier was one of the first places visited after my arrival in New Zealand. The path starts at the carpark in Coyle Park. I was taking a stroll investigating Coyle Park and enjoying beach views over Point Chevalier beach.

The beach provides good beach walking experiences. You may come here to do some sightseeing as there is an opportunity for you to encounter a pair of parrots singing on top of the trees.

31 March 2021 (9:45am - 10:06am)


Memorial to M J Coyle

The entrance to point chevalier beach is decorated with a fountain in memory of M J Coyle. Even though it says "Coyle Park" on the memorial, the park itself is located to the right of the fountain and the path through the fountain leads to the beach.

Flooded beach

This is a great place to see point chevalier beach tides. Point chevalier beach tides are famous for covering the entire beach leaving no room to settle. The beach is totally flooded during high tides, which makes it impossible to cross it without getting your feet wet!

Among pt chev tides, the high tide pt chev is called a king tide (the annual highest tide) which commonly occurs in spring. The expression "King Tide" originates from Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific nations to describe high tides that occur a few times per year.

The most spectacular sceneries are exposed when the tide is in, so try to get here on time! Splash in the water with the kids or try picnicking beneath the Pohutukava trees. You will feel strongly about the place next time when you come here.

When we went there on 31 March at 9:42am, the beach was fully covered with water with only a few of sand islands near the protective walls:

The residents who live here near the water have constructions which protect them from incoming tides and also walkways on which they can go around, walk, and sit without worrying about water coming to them:

During low tide, the beach becomes sandy again:

A pair of local parrots sitting on a tree.

Coyle Park

The Coyle Park, which is closely related to Point Chevalier Beach (evidenced by the fountain), is located 5 min away from the beach, and is another place for walking and enjoying New Zealand's weather. It is an open environment covering approximately 5ha, and boasting breathtaking sceneries over to the Harbour bridge, Auckland city and SkyTower.

A playground in Coyle Park is a good recreational place for kids. It features a pyramid made out of ropes, the rope track, maze, slides and other things. This playground is a favorite among local children because there is a lot of space to run around.

The scenery on Coyle Park is extremely green and full of bird and weather sounds. Apart from enjoying the sounds, bird and parrot watching are popular activities here as well.

Since Coyle Park is surrounded by water, it is very easy to find views over to the eastern or western parts of Auckland. There is a SkyTower visible from this location as well as the Harbor Bridge.

The walking trail is nicely paved so it is easy to walk by.

The Coyle Park is easy to access on the local bus route. There is a bus stop end point where they stop, pick up passengers and turn their way back.


Australian magpie (Butcherbird), or simply magpie, produces a melodic song which adds to the soundscape of the park. It is black and white and has a peculiar behaviour. On the ground it moves by walking. During nesting season it can dive at anyone coming near their nest.

Magpies are very aggressive. They are regarded as one of the New Zealand's pest animals that compete for food with endemic bird species, affecting native fauna.

At the tip of Coyle Park there is an area with steep staircase downwards towards the beach. Very nice views over the Auckland SkyTower are exposed there.