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Sanctuary Mahi Whenua

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is a reserve gardening area owned by Unitec Institute of Technology. It's a park zone where people grow all sorts of vegetables and plants.

Sanctuary Mahi Whenua sign

Tree tomato shrub

A tree tomato shrub below with a fejoa tree further away. You can find yellow and green fruits on these trees.


Tamarillo, a species of Nightshades (a.k.a. Tree Tomato), a small shrub with egg-shaped edible fruits, Tamarillo is native to the Andes of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. It is one of the most popular fruits in these regions. Today it is still cultivated in gardens and small orchards for local production in subtropical areas such as New Zealand, Australia, The United States, China, Hong Kong, and other. The first internationally marketed crop of tamarillos in Australia was produced around 1996.

The leaves of Tamarillo have a strong pungent smell. It grows up to 5 m with life expectancy about 12 years. The fruit can be yellow, orange, red or purplish. Bloom time is Spring, Spread is 2 m, flower size is 2.5 cm, flower color is white.

Buried logs

Buried logs and branches covered with topsoil and compost provides nutrients for the plants and acts as a sponge holding water. Useful on woody land where there is plenty of fallen trees and branches.

Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange, a species of Citrus fruits (a.k.a. Tangerine). Mandarine orange is a kind of orange with flat ends,, mild taste and easy to peel. Mandarine orange provides great economic and environmental values as essence from flowers, leaves and fruit peels are used in cosmetic products. also, Mandarine oranges can produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Can be planted in courtyards.

Mandarine orange is 1-3 m tall, with spread 6m and flower size 1.5 cm. Bloom time is Spring. It is mostly grown in Japan, southern China, India and the East Indies.

The mandarin orange (tree) bears Mandarin oranges, commonly consumed fruit eaten plain or used in salads. During the Chinese New Year, the fruit is considered a symbol of good fortune.

The "orange" part of the name is derived from the fruit shape which resembles an orange, The form "mandarine" is derived from the French name of this fruit.

Maracaibo Lignumvitae

Maracaibo Lignumvitae (Bulnesia arborea) is a genus of flowering plant. It contains five species of slow-growing shrubs and trees, reacging a height of approximately 20 m. All native to subtropical and tropical regions of the Americas.

Solar disk

A solar disk roped around a small area of the garden. Apparently meant to reflect solar light into the soil to nourish it.


Some views of the garden. Various flowers and plants growing here.

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