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Sanders Reserve: Astonishing Landscapes and Sceneries

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Sanders Reserve Recreation Path is both suitable for cycling and walking. The carpark beside the playground is where the path starts. It then continues for 4 km. You can bring a mountain bike here to enjoy a ride through the reserve.

There are bumpy and mud terrains so you will either need a mountain bike or a proper pair of shoes if you decide to go through this path.

Orange markers designate that you are following the recreational path. There is also a gravel path that twists and turns around the reserve's landscape. It provides wonderful views over the Waitemata Harbour.

There is also a horse area where horses tend to pasture so look out for them while traveling.

There will be a dog area where all of the dog walkers tend to go to. Inside that area the dogs meet and get to know each other.

Sanders Reserve Park is located in Paremoremo Auckland region, North-Western part of Auckland. It is around a 30 minutes drive from Auckland city center, past the North Shore.

The beautiful view opens to the creek, Herald Island and RNZF military base. The creek is regarded as an inlet, a small arm of the sea, and is named kotukutuku.

The creek eventually bypasses the upper Auckland harbour bridge and flows into the sea.

Sanders Reserve is home to a coastal forest and native bird habitat on the water's edge. The park has extensive farming history, seen in the former pasture areas and exotic trees planted by the Sanders family.

One of the main sights of cultural significance here are the Maori Tree carvings located right on the tip of the reserve. Part of maori culture, tree carvings are a good way to express the history behind the place.

The tree depicts horses, sheep, a hull, missionary and other significant New Zealand artefacts.

The tree can be found at the following location on the map (red arrow with circle):

Map of the tree location

Sanders Reserve includes more than 22km of mountain bike trails, including a 500 metre trail designed specifically for small children under 10 years old. There are separate horse riding and dog walking areas, plenty of places for picnics and stunning views of the Auckland Harbour.

Various routes have their own colored markers. so look out as to choose a proper path of moderate difficulty and try to avoid paths with unmanageable conditions. Use an online map to stay on the right path. There are eight routes of varying difficulty and distances.

Among facilities here are the playground and a public toilet. There is also a park main building.

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Apr 16, 2021

Curious landmark

Apr 16, 2021
Replying to

Yes. The carvings themselves look very genuine

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