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Shakespear Regional Park

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

A place to visit and also home to animals, birds and sea life.

Peacock hen and its chick

"One of the popular things to see in this park are massive peacocks birds and their small children. These are called indian peafowl, apsecies of Phasianidae, a.k.a. Blue peafowl, Indian peacock, Peafowl. Scientific name: Pavo cristatus. It is found in the drier lowland areas of Sri Lanka. It is a national bird of India. It is found in moist and dry-deciduous forests, but can adapt to live in cultivated regions and around human habitations and is usually found where water is available. Domesticated as an ornametal bird while in widldlife it is also tame and comfortable with humans.


Size: 2m

Wing Span: 1.4-1.6m

Life Expectancy: 15-20 years

Weight: 4000-6000g

Feeding Habits: omnivorous" (Description from Picture Bird android app).

Below is a female peacock which is not as extravagant as male peacocks. Unlike female peacokcs, male peacocks display colourful feathers thought of as a tail.

A small group usually has a cock and 3 to 5 hens.

The beautiful beach is around the corner

One can go fishing around the beach or on the rocks. Last time I went there with my friend Andrei there was jellyfish under the seaweed all along the coast on its way to the rocks.

The rocks place where we went fishing:

Fishing rods attached to the rocks.

Fishing spot

rock layers

It's inspiring to watch how many layers of mountainous terrain has been grown in so many years of existence of these rocks:

Photo frame

One of the popular things to see in this park are the Frame with the view onto Shakespeare sea, and the Coastal site with the beach and grass fields.

Below is a map of Shakespeare Park with commonly visited places circled.

Map of the frame and beach location

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