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Top 5 Snack Brands Found Only in New Zealand

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Whether you love cooking, going shopping, or visiting restaurants, you are not alone! One thing that we all have in common is food. If you are curious about what kind of casual food and sweets you can taste in New Zealand, this article is for you!

Whittaker's Chocolate

Whittaker's chocolate is one of the best milk and cacao chocolate brands in New Zealand. It is famous for its quality chocolate since 1896 with delicious taste and fine texture.

The brand consists of a series of chocolate makings. The first brand is the "Whittaker's Artisan Collection", a 100g chocolate series. The second brand is "Whittaker's", a 250g chocolate series.

You will find a variety of flavors. My first four favorites are peanut butter, creamy milk, cacao, and hazelnut chocolate. The last few are Hokey Pokey crunch, Dark Salted Caramel brittle, and 72% Dark Ghana Fruit and Nut. There are many more flavors that you can try.

Ingredients also often include cocoa solids from pure cocoa butter, sugar, and New Zealand milk powder.

Whittaker's is a confectionery manufacturer. It specializes in palm oil-free chocolate and has headquarters in Porirua, New Zealand. Matt and Holly, Whittaker's family, say that they have had a passion for creating world-class chocolate for generations.

Whittaker's is often carried abroad as a gift. There are no similar alternatives in the chocolate market in other countries.

McDonald's Burger Restaurant

As a fast-food company, McDonald’s serves delicious food and drinks. The food includes French fries, apple pies, hamburgers, McMuffins, and Chicken McNuggets. Fizzy drinks are no exception too. The most favorite are Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. Milkshakes and desserts are served at McDonald's as well.

The company has also expanded its menu to include salads, fish, wraps, and smoothies to meet customer demand.

McDonald's is a good choice for both a quick snack and a lavish meal.

Items that are unique to New Zealand include:

  • Kiwiburger - a quarter-pound beef patty. With egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, ketchup, and mustard.

  • Massive McMuffin - two English muffins. With bacon, egg, cheese, two sausage patties, and ketchup in between.

  • Georgie Pie - pie pastry containing either steak mince and cheese or bacon and egg.

  • The Boss - a double-patty burger.

  • Breakfast Bagels - NYC Benedict or BLT.

  • Chicken McMuffin - a McChicken patty on two English Muffins. With cheese and mayonnaise.

Kiwi Burger
Kiwi Burger

McDonald's Restaurants are a New Zealand subsidiary of the international fast-food chain. It roughly has 160 restaurants nationwide, serving approximately one million people each week. First New Zealand's McDonald's location opened in 1976.

You can have McDonald's products delivered to your house. Or you might enjoy them at a McDonald's restaurant.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

New Zealand is famous for its KFC presence. The menu includes fried crispy chicken, large potatoes, fries, chips, and coleslaw salad. They also serve drinks, wicked wing, regular chips, bread rolls, and Moro bars. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken and is famous for its secret recipe chicken.

KFC Chicken
KFC Chicken

Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited owns and operates KFC chicken. This fast food KFC brand started its life in New Zealand in August 1971. The opening of its first restaurant was in Royal Oak, Auckland. Restaurant Brands acquired the brand in 1989. The brand then became Restaurant Brands' largest revenue earner.

Fish and Chips

The takeaway New Zealand fish and chips, a classic kiwi meal, has been popular for decades. The battered fish is usually an elephant fish, blue warehou, red cod, or shark species. These fish fillets are the main component of the Fish and Chips meal. The recipe is a very old-style Kiwi. It often includes beer, chicken broth, white grape juice, and ginger ale.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

They cook fish by coating it in a light, golden batter made out of beer. You will also see a side of hot chips or potato scallops covered in salt and vinegar. It is an award-winning dish from OceanNZ Seafood.

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

This ice cream is Auckland-made from the freshest and purest cream in the country. It has been exported to over 22 countries all around the world. The brand serves high-quality ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. The flavors include chocolate, banana, macadamia, or even green tea.

Natural Ice Cream
Natural Ice Cream

The manufacturer of New Zealand Natural ice cream started small in Christchurch. It then expanded throughout New Zealand and beyond to different countries. The catchy company slogan is: when things go together, the fun lasts forever.

Final Thoughts

New Zealand is famous for its rich multicultural food types. There are many New Zealand unique dishes. You are more than welcome to come here and try them out!

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