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Walk Under Highway #20 (OneHunga)

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

For this walk we chose a special spot where the highway goes over a river. It is located at Onehunga Mall Rd, distinguished by a nice-looking modern office building:

Onehunga Mall Road

Entrance to Highway 20

The entrance to the highway bridge was located at the end of Onehunga Mall Rd. Highway #20 can be seen from here:

underground tunnel

The walk begins with a underground tunnel where one wall is painted with Maori art graffiti:

Who knows, maybe it's telling the local history of the place we visited:

The walk then continues under the motorway, up to the opposite bank of the river, accompanied by the views onto the river and the old Mangere Bridge.

Construction site of the Mangere Bridge:

View of the surroundings. Cars can be heard driving through on the motorway above:

Views over the fence:

Since the entry to the opposite bank is closed, we had to turn our way back:


What's interesting about that place is there are both roads for cyclists and pedestrians on that walkway. Some were using it as a track way to run both ways back straight and back.

This walk has fascinated me how beautiful Maori art is and how comfortable and enjoyable it is to go on a walk even if it is somewhere on a motorway in New Zealand.

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