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The Walking Track Lookup Service

Use this interactive map or a dropdown menu item to select a location you are interested in visiting. The relevant information will then be populated into the information box on the right. The difficulty and completion times are there for you to refer to and consider while choosing a hiking destination. Once you see the information box populated, you can read a small description about the tourist site and click the "Read more" button to go to the relevant Department of Conservation page with full descriptions of the place. 

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In my blog I love to write about New Zealand Nature. My focus is to provide value to website visitors by offering New Zealand Nature-related information and articles. By reading my blog you will learn a lot about New Zealand nature, how to preserve it and how to get the most out of your travel and nature-related endeavors!

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Passionate about all things nature, I am giving you facts and showing you tips on nature preservation in New Zealand.


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