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I love being outdoors, enjoying the Sun and nature. I started this blog to share my passion with you and I want you to know and learn many great things about New Zealand. I enjoy sports and I love sharing with you what I know and what I find when I go outside.

This blog is mainly dedicated to preserving and exploring new things about Nature in New Zealand. I put special emphasis on nature preservation since it's a very important topic in New Zealand. After all, if it wasn't for many nature activists, the quality of nature heritage that we see in New Zealand wouldn't be so high.

 I started my journey into New Zealand after I moved here in 2016. New Zealand gave me a fresh blow of air upon exit from the airport and since then I realized I would enjoy being outside and travel.

You can contact me by email as follows:


Hello, I am a Blog Writer
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Hello, I am a Blog Writer

In my blog I love to write about New Zealand Nature. My focus is to provide value to website visitors by offering New Zealand Nature-related information and articles. By reading my blog you will learn a lot about New Zealand nature, how to preserve it and how to get the most out of your travel and nature-related endeavors!

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Nikolai Kolbenev

Blog Writer

Passionate about all things nature, I am giving you facts and showing you tips on nature preservation in New Zealand.


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