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Welcome to New Zealand's page on flora and fauna!

Did you know that New Zealand has 6000 known species of beetle? There are as many fungi as there are beetles! Or that it is famous for 1000-year-old trees? In contrast, there are few reptiles and only two land mammals - both bats.

In other words, there are no limits to New Zealand's flora and fauna. It is found nowhere else in the world! Read along and you will learn a lot of interesting facts!

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Hello, I am a Blog Writer

In my blog I love to write about New Zealand Nature. My focus is to provide value to website visitors by offering New Zealand Nature-related information and articles. By reading my blog you will learn a lot about New Zealand nature, how to preserve it and how to get the most out of your travel and nature-related endeavors!

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Nikolai Kolbenev

Blog Writer

Passionate about all things nature, I am giving you facts and showing you tips on nature preservation in New Zealand.


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