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A list of walking trails worth exploring!

Did you know that Oakley Creek Waterfall is the largest waterfall in urban Auckland? Or that northern diving petrels can dive up to 22 meters deep into the water? By reading the following list of posts you will learn not only this but much more!


This section is about Bush walks, one of the popular sports and recreational activities in New Zealand. You will see the experience of tramping, bird and animal encounters, gardens and vegetation explorations and much more.

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Hello, I am a Blog Writer

In my blog I love to write about New Zealand Nature. My focus is to provide value to website visitors by offering New Zealand Nature-related information and articles. By reading my blog you will learn a lot about New Zealand nature, how to preserve it and how to get the most out of your travel and nature-related endeavors!

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Nikolai Kolbenev

Blog Writer

Passionate about all things nature, I am giving you facts and showing you tips on nature preservation in New Zealand.


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