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New Zealand Nature, Culture and Heritage

Read some articles. Acquaint yourself with material on New Zealand nature and culture. Be prepared for your travel to New Zealand! Nature NZ brings educational material on cultural and natural aspects of your trip. It also provides you with travel tips and advice on how to best enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Hold on to explore topics about New Zealand Nature! You can browse my Blog or view my Instagram feed.



I am striving to create a space for users where they could browse information about preservation aspects of New Zealand nature, its uniqueness and history.

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Why I started this website:

There are a few reasons I started this website. Among them, the most important is to give you, the reader, authentic information about nature preservation matters so that you can apply this knowledge in your day-to-day life. Making it easy to access and browse information about the natural aspects of New Zealand is my main priority. 

About the Website

This website is a source of many educational and informational material. I dedicate it to New Zealand nature and travel. I compile pictures of landscapes and save them on the Travel page. I also share my travel experiences on Tourist Sites and Walks pages. The Sports and Recreation page offers hands-on advice on how to get the most out of your stay in New Zealand.

On the Nature page I post nature-related information. Flora and Fauna, Animals and Pests pages offer variety of content about biodiversity and hands-on tips on preserving the natural heritage of New Zealand.

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Hello, I am a Blog Writer

In my blog I love to write about New Zealand Nature. My focus is to provide value to website visitors by offering New Zealand Nature-related information and articles. By reading my blog you will learn a lot about New Zealand nature, how to preserve it and how to get the most out of your travel and nature-related endeavors!

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Nikolai Kolbenev

Blog Writer

Passionate about all things nature, I am giving you facts and showing you tips on nature preservation in New Zealand.


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